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Chateau Mladejov came into existence through the expansion of the original fortress on the northern, most elevated part of the town.
The first sovereigns date back to the years1358-1444.
Before the year 1533, Mladejov was under the rule of the lordship Velish-Trcek.
In 1603 the stately home was acquired by Hynek Kozlovský from Kozlov.
In 1611 a wooden fortress was put into record.
In 1623 the fortress was sold to Albrecht von Valdštejn.
After the fall of Valdštejn - a change of ownership took place.
1738 Madame Anna Terezie Unwert reconstructed the local manor. The medieval domicile has been retained in the north-western part of the present day's chateau. The medieval presence can be found in the arched cellar and in a part of the brickwork on the ground floor.
In the year 1778 Austrian Emperor Josef II chose chateau Mladejov as his residence during the campaign against Prussia. It remained for 18 days the Austrian headquarters.
In the year 1792 Mladejov was acquired by the family Pabstmann; in the following period the chateau was often visited by František Josef Gerstner, the first director of the polytechnic institute in Prague. F. J. Gerstner died there in 1832; he is buried in Mladejov's cemetery.
At the beginning of the 20th Century, Chateau Mladejov was acquired by Madame Anna Bláhová, born Haklová. It was rebuilt in 1913 by developer N. Novák. In the beginning of 1949 the entire estate was confiscated by the Czechoslovak state. In the following years, up to communist breakdown in 1989, the chateau was used as an agricultural school and later as a residential school. After the restitution law the chateau was given back, in 1992, to Madame Gabriela Hamacher, the granddaughter of the original owner A. Blahova.
On January 3rd, 2002, the chateau burned down to the outer walls. The cause was never clarified, but it is certain, that the fire would not have been so devastating if a snow storm would not have struck that night, preventing the elimination of the fire. Thereafter, Madame Gabriela Hamacher with family decided to rebuild the chateau.
In December 2005 the reconstruction was successfully finished.

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